On the Table, June 4-10

I welcomed this past week of gorgeous Spring-like beauty, the heat and humidity held at bay for a bit longer before we head full force into Summer weather. My little garden has flourished as a result of the combination of lots of rain and sunshine over the past few weeks. I have been forcing myself to slow down and breathe in the beauty and use it as a reminder of God’s presence around me and the incredible creativity in creation. This week (10am Sunday at Jammin’ Java) we will enjoy another All-Ages service led by our Kid’s Team! Come ready... Read more

On the Table– May 28 through June 3

What Sunday is it, kids??  That’s right, it’s TRINITY SUNDAY!! Join us at 10am at Jammin’ Java as we peer into the ineffable mystery that is our Triune God (or maybe some weird doctrine that has inexplicably cropped up through church history, either way).  If you want a head start, take a peek at the texts, and at some particularly insightful comments we found at TheHardestQuestion. And next weekend, make plans to attend the farewell party for Jen and Israel on Sunday afternoon (June 10) from 1-5pm in lovely Roundtree Park in Falls Church.  Or, if you are more inclined,... Read more

On the Table – May 21st through 28th

Hi church, OK, we’re back from the magical pony land.  (It was awesome – thanks for asking!)  Like we said, we’re not gathering at Jammin’ Java this Sunday, but here are some things you might like to join us for: On Sunday, some of us are going hiking!  Probably the Billy Goat Trail at Great Falls, MD – which is one heck of a fun romp, I tell you what.  Details are still emerging, but if you want in, give us a shout. Then, later on Sunday (at 5pm), join a bunch of us for Taizé Contemplative Worship at Church of the... Read more

On the Table – May 7th through the 13th

Hey church, Hey!  It’s still Easter.  Alleluia!  The Lord is risen! And here’s something that’s consonant with the Easter season theme of resurrection:  healing.  We all have this intuition that on some deep level, we are meant to be whole.  But we’re not.  Lord in heaven, we are not.  We all suffer from afflictions:  physical, mental, spiritual, and social.  And those that love us suffer too.  Sometimes we are relatively healthy.  And sometimes, we really are not. So please join us this Sunday at 10am at Jammin’ Java, for a Liturgical Service of Healing.  We will express our longing for... Read more