On the Table: April 9 through 15

There is lots of stuff abuzz around Common Table– people moving, people staying put, people paring down, and people going to Africa.

On Saturday, a bunch of us will be helping a family move in the morning, while another crew will be working in the afternoon to help another family stay put (landscaping, fence-mending, and food-eating).

Then on Sunday, we’ll be mustering at Jammin’ Java at 10am to hear from Jen and Israel.  They have some great thoughts on simplicity that have been borne out of their quest to pare down their life to the essentials before their move to New Hampshire (boo!) and their trip to Africa (wow!).  It will be an invigorating opportunity for all of us to consider what is really important in our lives, and to free ourselves of a little bit of what isn’t.  And we’ll have an opportunity to hear about what they will be doing on their trip– and how we can join in their efforts– as well.  Don’t miss it.

The next two weeks will be our regularly scheduled ‘away’ weeks from Jammin’ Java.  On April 22nd, we’ll be doing a stream cleanup in Herdon.  It happens to be Earth Day that day, so go ahead and pat yourself on the back, a.) for having noble plans to mention around the water cooler, and b.) for having those plans sync up so perfectly with the calendar.  Warning:  this will probably involve some trash, and almost certainly some merriment, food, and good drink.  Get your work gloves and dirty shoes ready for a great adventure.

And what about April 29, you ask?  Well, gentle interlocutor, we eagerly await your suggestion…  a pancake breakfast (or a pancake brunch, or a pancake lunch, or a pancake supper), a barn-raising project somewhere, a freezer-meal collaboration, a field trip to another church, a hike, or an actual Sabbath on a Sunday (imagine that!)… we’ll be doing whatever y’all want.  So speak up!

See you soon,

Mike Stavlund


Mike is a solid, stand-up guy that enjoys writing poetry and prose, hanging out with family and friends, and long walks around a Weber kettle grill.

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