On the Table– January 28 through February 3

Hey, friends! After a fantastic visit to the cardiology office (hint: the techs, not the doctors, are all-knowing), I’m especially eager for Sunday, when I’ll be demonstrating my ability to (extremely high) high-five with my left hand, and also put on and/or take off a coat like a normal person. I’m also available to lift babies or small persons.

Starting at 10:15 at Good Shepherd, we will be looking at the Lectionary readings, which are once again about upended expectations. Come ready for a guided discussion, followed by a time of meditation/prayer.

And looking ahead, one of our younger Common Tablers has been asking if we can have another meeting where we assemble care packages for those who are unhoused. And it looks like the Lectionary on Sunday, February 17 will correlate nicely with that project, and also allow us to start gathering up items to share. So if in your upcoming visitations to supermarkets, retailers, or thrift stores you see any bargains on durable food items, warm socks, gloves, hand warmers, or etc., please scoop them up!

–Mike Stavlund


Mike is a solid, stand-up guy that enjoys writing poetry and prose, hanging out with family and friends, and long walks around a Weber kettle grill.

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