On the Table – March 12th through 18th

Hi church,

Well, it’s spring now, apparently.  Welcome to it!  Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter (on the other hand) are still a way off, so we get to continue our Lenten journey together for another few weeks.  One excellent way to do that would be to join us Friday evening for our Lenten series of gatherings in Falls Church to discuss practices for spiritual formation – if you want to join in, contact us!

Then, on Sunday morning (10am at Jammin’ Java), we’ll try venturing somewhere where most churches – including us, a lot of the time – can fear to tread.  I’m talking about the territory marked out by Acts 4:32-37.  What about this business of holding things in common?  Here’s Maranda, who will be sharing from her experience growing up in the rural Northwest, and raising some questions for us all to grapple with in this Discussion Service:

What are our needs, as individuals and as a community?  Are we partnering together to meet these needs adequately or is there more we could do for and with each other?  Are there ways we can build our community beyond Jammin’ Java, small groups, parties, and barn raisings?  What are some of the things that get in the way of collaborative living and can we find ways around these obstacles?  Lets discuss.

Come ready to challenge and be challenged as we explore further together into this land of commonality and mutuality.

Finally, a couple of items you might mark on your calendar:  Our next Congregational Meeting will be on Sunday, March 25th in the Rodman House at Church of the Holy Comforter in Vienna, VA – more details to follow.  And our monthly Karaoke Pizza Parties at the Lamb Center (the daytime drop-in center for homeless folks in Fairfax) will start up again on the evening of Friday, March 30th – stay tuned for more on those as well.

And…that’s all I’ve got.  May your spring be joyous and may your Lent be formative!

Mike Croghan


Mike Croghan is an accomplished geek and an aspiring poet. His role models include Mary Oliver, Luna Lovegood, and Kermit the Frog.

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