On the Table– May 13 through 19

“LOVE WINS”It’s a stirring slogan, and a fantastic meme, but is it a Creed?  A Way of life?  A  raison d’être?In this week’s Lectionary Reading, Jesus sure seems to think so, and the newly reinstated Peter is right behind him.  Join us this Sunday, when we’ll interrogate their seemingly simplistic plan for world transformation (or will we be interrogated by them?).  Bring your voice and your perspective(s), and we’ll be the better for it.  Oh, and after our 10:15 gathering, please join the larger church potluck in the Fellowship Hall.  If that ain’t a raison d’être, I don’t know what is! It’s... Read more

On the Table– September 16 through 22

For the past three days, I’ve been distracted.  As I was packing up the tools on Sunday for work on Monday morning, I noticed an empty spot in one tool bag.  Where was my impact driver?  This question became an obsession.  When I wasn’t driving screws (with my less efficient cordless drill) for several hours on Monday and Tuesday, I was wracking my brain.   Oh.  It’s in another tool bag.  Oh.  It is in the trunk of the car.  I took it on the camping trip.  Oh.  It’s in the shed, near where I installed that bracket.  Oh.  I left it... Read more

On the Table– September 2 through 8

Hoo boy.  Sometimes following the Lectionary is like a sunny day where you shout, “Thanks, God! I really needed to hear this!”.  At other times, the Lectionary is a bit abrasive, and you feel like finding the smokey room where the mighty Lectionarians make their decisions and chasing them with a pitchfork for several minutes. Three guesses as to where Common Table finds itself this Sunday…https://lectionary.library.vanderbilt.edu/texts.php?id=278 But we will not be cowed!  We will not run away!  We will not pull the blankets up over our head on Sunday morning!  Oh no!Join us on Sunday at 10:15am at Church of the Good... Read more

On the Table– August 18 through 25

This week brings another opportunity to partner with our friends at Good Shepherd to bring a meal to our friends at Bethany Center.  We will be picking up the food at Good Shepherd at 10:15, then driving into the city to deliver it, serve it, and do some basic cleanup.  We’d love to have your help at any point along the way.  Hope to see you soon! –Mike Stavlund Read more

On the Table– August 12 through 18

Last week’s discernment meeting was Overtaken By Events (ie., glad you’re home from the hospital– again!– Tina!).  We did some discernment about discernment, and decided that we would do some minor discernment, then wait a week to have our Discernment Guru (ie., Master Mike Croghan) back in his Seat of Contemplation(tm).  So please join us on Sunday morning at 10:15am as we continue to pursue the question, “God, where would you have Common Table go from here?”.  If you care about CT, your voice will be valued at this meeting. There is a potluck hosted by Good Shepherd afterward.  Hope to see... Read more

On the Table– August 5 through 11

Wow, what a fantastic trip!  Eight states, over 2200 miles, tons of fantastic family, four Weber grills, three thrift stores, and way too much fast food.  At the same time, it’s great to be back home, catching up on sleep and driving very *little* and reveling in a detox diet rich in vegetables and fish and tofu.  This Sunday morning we will be continuing our group discernment around the topic, “Where would God have Common Table Church go from here?”  I’ll be kicking things off with a ‘State of the Church’ reflection, and then we will quiet ourselves to listen to... Read more