On the Table– July 15 through 21

Well, that was certainly a Weekend of Activism, with Emmaline (aka ‘Trumpet Lady’) at the wheel (and standing on the accelerator pedal!). Two of my kids and I joined her at her regular protest, after which both kids were interviewed by MTV (honest!).  Sunday we prayed for immigrants and did what we could to make our voices heard to our representatives, which felt remarkably cathartic… and I think we inspired each other as we read our emails aloud afterward.  Then on Monday several of us followed Emmaline’s initiative to make 5 Calls to governmental representatives.  *whew*  That was a whirlwind that felt mighty refreshing.  May the Spirit’s love and freedom blow over these maligned persons seeking asylum and being given further oppression.
This Sunday we’ll reprise our ongoing discernment project under the expert leadership of Mr. Mike Croghan.  We’ll be listening to God and to one another regarding next steps for our church.  And afterward, we’re invited to the potluck hosted by Good Shepherd.  It’s an excellent chance to connect with some other persons of faith, and to learn from their long example.  

Hope to see you at the Table, y’all! 

Mike Stavlund

P.S. Please mark your calendars for next Wednesday, July 24! We’ll be gathering at 7pm at Caboose Commons in Merrifield for our third session of Spirits & Spirituality. It’s been a lot of fun talking theology, philosophy, sociology, and many other -ologies, and it’ll be even better if you bring your ideas and insights too! Hope to see you there.


Mike is a solid, stand-up guy that enjoys writing poetry and prose, hanging out with family and friends, and long walks around a Weber kettle grill.

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