On the Table– June 17 through 23

Please pray for my children. 
For over fifty hours this week– and in their own home!— my dear progeny were deprived of television, phone, and internet communications of all kinds.  It wasn’t until Friday afternoon that the DVR display crackled to life showing “1:24” as we looked on, bathed in that beautiful light. 
Exemplary father than I am, I needled them about their torturous two days, comparing it to my own summer days as a child when we were entirely deprived of those same things (well, technically my siblings and I were allowed to watch The Price is Right, but after that the TV went off and we went outside).  When they responded with disbelief, I told them we could complete the time travel by turning off the air conditioning!  They were even less impressed. 
Hear all of their tales of woe as we serve delicious food to the women of Bethany Center on Sunday afternoon.  We’ll pick the food up at Good Shepherd at 10:30am, then drive on I-66 to Bethany Center, then set up at 11:30 to serve at noon.  We can meet you at either of these spots, or somewhere in the middle along I-66.  Parking is available at Bethany Center; just let me know and I’ll arrange it ahead of time.  
Hope to see you tomorrow! –Mike
PS.  Don’t forget our second Spirits and Spirituality will be held at Caboose Commons on Wednesday, June 26 from 7 to 8:30.  We’re hoping the weather will be such that we can sit outside and enjoy the philo/theological observations of the inimitable Chester!  


Mike is a solid, stand-up guy that enjoys writing poetry and prose, hanging out with family and friends, and long walks around a Weber kettle grill.

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