On the Table– April 15 through 21

We hope you are enjoying the ups and downs of Holy Week, journeying with Jesus through all of the hope and heartbreak that comes in various turns.  We’re looking forward to a wonderful celebration of Easter as we gather at Good Shepherd UMC.  Our kind hosts have invited us to join in the festivities that begin at 9am:  a brunch for everyone, followed by an Easter egg hunt for the kids.  We will gather afterward at 10:15, considering John’s version of the story of Easter morning, focusing especially on the actions of Mary Magdalene.  We hope you will join us! –Mike Stavlund Read more

Philippians 2:5-11 (with responsive questions)

Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus, If I look inside my mind, or my body, can I find the mind of Christ? Or, might I find it by looking outside myself? who, though he was in the form of God, What does it mean to be in the form of God? did not regard equality with God as something to be exploited, What would it look like to exploit equality with God? Would that mean exploiting other things too? but emptied himself, Have you ever felt like you had emptied yourself? taking the form... Read more

On the Table, April 8 through 14

Oh no! I’m afraid our resident poet, Mike Croghan is caught in the event horizon of National Poetry Writing Month! I made a simple request of some verbiage for the On the Table for this week (since he’s taking the lead on content) and he composed this fantastic poem!: poetic contemplative kenotic do these words impress you? (they certainly impress me) if so, then you (like me) might be missing the point of st. paul’s transcendent (no) of st. paul’s surpassing (no) of st. paul’s gentle yet powerful hymn about jesus’ fully intentional path of descent from one who was “in... Read more

Putting the Past (poop) Behind Us

SCRIPTURE: Philippians 3:4b-14 Contemporary English Version (CEV) Others may brag about themselves, but I have more reason to brag than anyone else.  I was circumcised when I was eight days old, and I am from the nation of Israel and the tribe of Benjamin. I am a true Hebrew. As a Pharisee, I strictly obeyed the Law of Moses. And I was so eager that I even made trouble for the church. I did everything the Law demands in order to please God. But Christ has shown me that what I once thought was valuable is worthless. Nothing is as... Read more

On the Table– April 1 through 7

For the record: If you ever have the chance to discuss a Bestselling, Pulitzer Prize-winning, National Book Award novel, if at all possible try to do so with two high school Honors Lit teachers… the kind of people who undertake a Master’s degree in order to ‘find time to write,’ and who take the LSAT for fun. Dude. Seriously, it was an epic day for the Common Table Book Club! My head and my heart are still swollen. I’m sincerely sorry if you missed it! We are excited to be back in our regular groove on Sundays, meeting again in... Read more