On the Table– July 22 through 28

This Sunday, Tina and Mike are at the wheel (literally and metaphorically) as Common Table handles the delivery of food (prepared by our hosts at Good Shepherd) to Bethany Center in Northwest DC.  If you’d like to join in the fun and food and service and (light) cleanup, let us know or just be there about 11:30am.   We’ll be back to our regular schedule at Good Shepherd on August 4 at 10:15am. And we are planning our next Discernment Meeting for August 11. Hope you can make it! Enjoy the cooler weather!  It feels like such a gift.  –Mike Stavlund Read more

On the Table– July 15 through 21

Well, that was certainly a Weekend of Activism, with Emmaline (aka ‘Trumpet Lady’) at the wheel (and standing on the accelerator pedal!). Two of my kids and I joined her at her regular protest, after which both kids were interviewed by MTV (honest!).  Sunday we prayed for immigrants and did what we could to make our voices heard to our representatives, which felt remarkably cathartic… and I think we inspired each other as we read our emails aloud afterward.  Then on Monday several of us followed Emmaline’s initiative to make 5 Calls to governmental representatives.  *whew*  That was a whirlwind... Read more

On the Table– July 8 through 14

Last week, we had a great session of brainstorming toward a Common Table response to the humanitarian crisis at the southern US border (as well as the general treatment of immigrants in Maryland and Fairfax County).  And though we have historically had a marked bias toward personal involvement with affected individuals, we felt a solid consensus that in this case our first focus should be on our government.  Because it’s difficult for most of us to find the time and energy to contact government agencies and representatives, we’re holding our own feet to the fire, setting aside Sunday morning to... Read more

On the Table– July 1 through 7

When Emmaline the Activist texted me about having a Common Table brainstorm session regarding a Common Table response to the humanitarian crisis at the southern US border, I put my tongue firmly in my cheek and asked, “Yeah, but is there a way to connect some Bible theme to this issue?…”  Indeed, if we considered even 10% of what the Bible has to say about solidarity with the stranger/alien/foreigner/refugee/widow/dispossessed/child we wouldn’t have time for brainstorming!  Please join us at Church of the Good Shepherd on Sunday morning at 10:15 as we combine our creativity and brain power to come up with... Read more

On the Table– June 24 through 30

As I write this, I’m in my usual summer spot, at the pool while my children have swim and dive practice.  Thanks to the Father’s Day generosity of those same people I have a shiny refurbished Chromebook with which to formulate my thoughts.  It beats the heck out of typing with your thumbs.  Something really interesting is happening on the diving boards.  Last night was the first dive meet of the season, and it concluded with the very best divers performing astounding aerial acrobatics before they sliced into the pool with barely a splash.  So the younger divers might quite... Read more