On the Table– February 25 through March 3

This Sunday at 10:15, we’ll be gathering at Good Shepherd for a Congregational Meeting. We’ll take a look at the Lectionary reading, spend some time in prayer, and then carefully consider where we’re at and where we should go from here. We will also have some important financial updates, which will affect our medium-range financial outlook. If you care about Common Table, your voice is one we’d eagerly listen to at this important meeting! Please join us. For the church, Mike Stavlund Read more

On the Table– February 18 through 24

One of the needs we are able to fill with our kind hosts at Good Shepherd is their regular ministry to the women’s shelter in NW DC, Bethany Women’s Center. There is a big roster of folks who cook for the Sunday lunch, but a dwindling group of people who can deliver it. So a small group of Common Tablers has been taking up that task on occasion, and we do so again this Sunday morning. If you’re able, join us at Good Shepherd at 10:30am sharp and we’ll load up our vehicle with delicious food, drive it into the... Read more

On the Table– February 4 through 10

At a time when people are decrying the rampant divisions in our country, and desperately wondering how we can ever move forward, Common Table keeps doing what we’ve always done. We gather each week to address this deep question in the only way we know: to come together, and to listen to one another. It’s just that simple… it’s not easy (not by a long shot!) but it is simple. No, we don’t always agree. And yes, we have made mistakes. Plenty of them. And each of us has offered lots of apologies. But we work hard to be open... Read more

On the Table– January 28 through February 3

Hey, friends! After a fantastic visit to the cardiology office (hint: the techs, not the doctors, are all-knowing), I’m especially eager for Sunday, when I’ll be demonstrating my ability to (extremely high) high-five with my left hand, and also put on and/or take off a coat like a normal person. I’m also available to lift babies or small persons. Starting at 10:15 at Good Shepherd, we will be looking at the Lectionary readings, which are once again about upended expectations. Come ready for a guided discussion, followed by a time of meditation/prayer. And looking ahead, one of our younger Common... Read more

On the Table– January 21 through 27

Hello, Common Table! On this, the fourth Sunday of the month, we’re joining up our commitment to serving our community with the ongoing efforts of our hosts at Good Shepherd. They are bringing a meal to a Women’s Shelter in DC, and we will be helping to serve it. The Stavlund family is all signed up, though we’d love to have others join us (and we even have room for a couple of folks in our car). We’ll be meeting up at Good Shepherd at our regular time, and leaving for the city from there. Let us know if you’d... Read more