On the Table– June 17 through 23

Please pray for my children. For over fifty hours this week– and in their own home!— my dear progeny were deprived of television, phone, and internet communications of all kinds.  It wasn’t until Friday afternoon that the DVR display crackled to life showing “1:24” as we looked on, bathed in that beautiful light.  Exemplary father than I am, I needled them about their torturous two days, comparing it to my own summer days as a child when we were entirely deprived of those same things (well, technically my siblings and I were allowed to watch The Price is Right, but after... Read more

On the Table– June 10 through 16

The news can get you down, I know.  It seems like the world is bad, and quickly getting worse.  I myself have been forced to increase my queue of ‘fun’ podcasts to counteract the depressing nature of my ‘current events’ podcasts…  life in the 21st century ain’t easy, yo.  Well imagine my surprise as the Lectionary reading from Proverbs offers us a shockingly positive view of the world, and especially of humanity!  We often say that the Bible is countercultural, but I’ll admit I had to read this passage repeatedly before my gloomy outlook finally developed a crack in it. ... Read more

On the Table– June 3 through 9

If you’re following the church email list, several weeks ago you saw a rather sobering financial report from our Money Monkey, Mike Croghan.  In his comments, he encouraged us to plan some monthly meetings for discernment as our church rapidly approaches financial insolvency.  Thankfully, our Money Monkey is also a noted regional guru on contemplative practices as well as individual and group discernment!  He’s been very helpful, thoughtful, and forthcoming about his recommendations for this Sunday.  First:  Homework!  Please review the money report, think about the facts of the situation (which most of us are very familiar with), ask any questions, and... Read more

On the Table– May 27 through June 2

Many thanks to Erin for braving mass transit on a very busy holiday weekend to lead the food line at Bethany House last Sunday!  Another great meal was served, and this one happily included a vegetarian option! It was great to see the friendly faces of the residents and staff, and they certainly enjoyed the good food provided by Good Shepherd.  We also realized afterward that there is a great place serving Venezuelan arepas just a couple of blocks away… which my kids suggest ought to become a regular part of this outing.  We are back at Good Shepherd this... Read more

On the Table– May 20 through 26

Hey, a nice long weekend is upon us! (Unless you do shift work, in which case I apologize.) Here’s hoping you have some extra time and space to slow down and savor the things that bring you joy.  If you’re in town on Sunday, we’d love to have your help serving the women of Bethany in DC.  The food is all provided by our friends at Good Shepherd, and this month I’m excited to report that they will also be making a vegetarian dish to share with the women who prefer it.  There are many ways to take part:  –my family... Read more