On the Table – May 7th through the 13th

Hey church, Hey! ¬†It’s still Easter. ¬†Alleluia! ¬†The Lord is risen! And here’s something that’s consonant with the Easter season theme of resurrection: ¬†healing. ¬†We all have this intuition that on some deep level, we are meant to be whole. ¬†But we’re not. ¬†Lord in heaven, we are not. ¬†We all suffer from afflictions: ¬†physical, mental, spiritual, and social. ¬†And those that love us suffer too. ¬†Sometimes we are relatively healthy. ¬†And sometimes, we really are not. So please join us this Sunday at 10am at Jammin’ Java, for a Liturgical Service of Healing. ¬†We will express our longing for... Read more

On the Table, April 30 to May 6

Hey, Tablers, If any of your metaphorical ears (or twitter feeds) are burning these days, it’s because I am in Minneapolis, sharing at a conference about church planting, and involuntarily bragging about my favorite church plant.¬† Hope y’all don’t mind too much. Tonight we will gather with our friends at¬† the Lamb Center for a pizza and Karaoke party.¬† Bring your children (if any), your singing voice (if any) and your silly self (you know you have one).¬† We’ll gather at 6 for setup, the singing starts at 6:30, and we’ll sing ‘Amazing Grace’ and finish up by 8.¬† Good... Read more

On the Table – April 23rd through the 29th

Hi church, Well, it’s still Easter Season (alleluia!) and this Sunday is the fifth Sunday of the month, which means that we will not be gathering at Jammin’ Java for the second week in a row. But that doesn’t mean we’re not gathering! ¬†First of all, all the single ladies (and also the ladies who are not single) are invited to a baby shower to celebrate Luke Benjamin, the long-awaited, much-beloved son of Pam and Craig! ¬†Gather at¬†Dogwood Tavern¬†(132 W Broad St, Falls Church, VA 22046) on Saturday from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM, and give a shout to Jen... Read more

On the Table – April 16th through the 22nd

Hi church, Liturgically speaking (and I’ll confess that I like to speak liturgically from time to time), this coming Sunday is the third Sunday of the season of Easter. ¬†So I hope you’re experiencing this season as a time of resurrection! Regular-old-calendar-ly speaking, it’s the fourth Sunday in April, which means that we won’t be gathering at Jammin’ Java for a worship service. However – if we can adopt for the moment the parlance of late 20th-century / early 21st-century environmental care, we might note that this Sunday is Earth Day! ¬†That makes it an excellent day to engage in... Read more