On the Table– April 22 through 28

If you missed it, I posted our truncated content from this past Sunday.  It was one of those times when part of me was excited that CT is the kind of place where we can be fully unconventional and experimental, and part of me was wishing that y’all were fully conditioned to just sit there and listen to a preacher prognosticate about ideals that no one expected to ever do anything about…

This Sunday, we’ll once again bring a delicious meal to the wonderful ladies of Bethany Women’s Center.  The food is provided by people from Good Shepherd UMC, and it’s fun and rewarding to set up, serve the food, and do some basic cleanup afterward.  We’d love to have you join us!  There are many ways to do so: 
–my family has a large vehicle that will hold all the food, and we can give you a ride from Good Shepherd if you like. 
–you can meet us at Bethany Women’s Center (there are two parking places provided on site).  
–we can pick you up anywhere along the Route 66 corridor.  

If you’d like to help out, please let me know and we’ll hammer out the logistics!  Hope to see you Sunday.
–Mike Stavlund  


Mike is a solid, stand-up guy that enjoys writing poetry and prose, hanging out with family and friends, and long walks around a Weber kettle grill.

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