On the Table– December 3 through 9

This week we have a few items for your calendar:

On Saturday at 11am, we’ll be gathering at Rachel’s house ( 6220 Carters Lane, Riverdale, MD 20737 ) for BOOK CLUB. We’re planning to talk about Shane Claiborne’s Irresistible Revolution, and you need not read the book to participate.

On Sunday at 10:15am, we’ll be celebrating the second Sunday of Advent, rejoining the story of baby Jesus and his family as they flee to Egypt and back (Matthew 2:13-23 ). It’s an old story that at the same time seems really fresh. It won’t be the same if you’re not there to talk about it, so please join us!

For next month… Wow. Hmmm.  Well, let me allow Mr. Croghan to describe it:

This year, we’ve reserved our traditional venue, the Fairfax Station Railroad Museum, for our annual Christmas/Epiphany Party on Saturday, January 5th, from 4pm to 8pm. That’s one day before the church holiday of the Epiphany on January 6th. Which means that our party will be on the 12th Day of Christmas. Do you understand what this means, folks? This year, our annual Christmas/Epiphany party will take place WITHIN THE CHRISTMAS SEASON. The Mike Croghan liturgical satisfaction meter just went to eleven.

If you possess a liturgical satisfaction meter, I sincerely hope you experience similar results. 😉

See you soon,

Mike Stavlund


Mike is a solid, stand-up guy that enjoys writing poetry and prose, hanging out with family and friends, and long walks around a Weber kettle grill.

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