On the Table – February 27th through March 4th

Howdy, kids!

We hope that the first full week of Lent has been a good week for one and all. If you’re having a little trouble getting Lent started, Rachel Held Evans has 40 Ideas for Lent, and interestingly enough, so does Nadia Bolz-Weber. We’ll be having Week 2 of our Lenten discussion series on spiritual formation and how we can become more like Jesus tonight at 7:30 (contact us for more details).

The last time we gathered at Jammin Java, we explored our anger and the implications of our anger. Many of us came to the conclusion that anger is a gift from God to help identify when there is a need for internal or external change. However, it can be difficult to pinpoint what *exactly* needs to change, and even once identified, it can be hard to know how to go about implementing that change. Sometimes, these needed changes are thrust upon us, and sometimes the changes that are forced in our lives don’t seem to serve a purpose at all.

This Sunday at 10am at Jammin Java, we’re going to spend some time reflecting on how we interact with change, including structured times of meditation on what may or may not need to change in order to free us up to more closely follow Jesus’ example in our lives.

Liz Fretz and Moff

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