On the Table – March 5th through 11th

Hi church,

This week, we’re continuing our Lenten series of Friday-evening gatherings in Falls Church to discuss practices for spiritual formation – if you want to join, contact us and we’ll give you the skinny!

Also, we’ll be gathering at 10am on Sunday at Jammin’ Java for…a sequel!  Fear not – I’m pretty sure this one is going to be more like The Empire Strikes Back and less like Ghostbusters II.  But putting ’80’s sci-fi cinema aside (just for a moment), I also want to make sure I remind you that this is the weekend we “spring forward” for Daylight Saving Time, so 10am comes extra early this week – sort of.

Anyway, here’s P3T3 with the scoop on Sunday’s service:

This week we’re going to be building from our February Radiolab service, “Turn the other cheek”, with… drumroll:  “Turn the other cheek, Part II“! This service won’t be formatted like a traditional Radiolab service… a tradition that goes back all the way to October and includes three total services, because, you know, we’d hate to get in a rut ;-).  This time we are still going to be very open source, but instead of bringing content/observations on the topic itself, we are going to ask you to bring circumstances/scenarios where we could discuss what a “turn the other cheek” response may look like.

For example, with regard to Lowe’s pulling advertising from the TV show “All-American Muslim”, we brainstormed that instead of boycotting Lowe’s, perhaps American Muslims could build a community center exclusively of material purchased from Lowe’s – and be sure to give them the credit ;-).  So your job is not to think of the solution – it’s to present a situation where the first response seems to be to push back, to show ’em who is boss.  And then, together, on Sunday we will discuss how to turn that impulse on its head.

If you have something to contribute, head on over to our nifty new website (we have a new website!), go to the ‘Groups’ tab, and scroll on down to get in touch with the Radiolab group.

Other items of note include our regular Midweek Group which usually meets on Thursdays (info also found on the ‘Groups tab‘).  Also, please note that our next Congregational Meeting will be on Sunday, March 25th in the Rodman House at Church of the Holy Comforter in Vienna, VA.  More details to follow.

And that’s all the news that’s fit to blog about, as far as I know.  Hope you’re able to spend some formative time this Lent – God bless!

Mike Croghan, Mike Stavlund, and P3T3RK3Y5


Mike Croghan is an accomplished geek and an aspiring poet. His role models include Mary Oliver, Luna Lovegood, and Kermit the Frog.

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