Will Reagan & United Pursuit – Live at the Banks House

I recently launched Spotify in an attempt to find some new worship music.  My typical routine is to go to an artist that I like and launch the artist radio so I get a good mix of songs I know and new songs from similar artists.

My go to artist these days for great acoustic worship is John Mark McMillan.  So, while driving in to work recently on an day where traffic was uncommonly bad, I had some extra time to listen to John Mark and his contemporaries.

Just before pulling into the parking lot and shutting down Spotify, Will Reagan came up on the playlist.  I’d never heard Will Reagan & United Pursuit before but I’ve since become a fan.  The song that caused me to pause and sit in the car is called Set a Fire and the version I was hearing that morning is off of the Live At The Banks album.  Live At The Banks is a stripped down, raw, live recording that stirs something in my soul like only a raw acoustic rendition can.

I hope you take a few minutes to listen to and, if possible, watch this video of that recording and I hope it stirs your soul as well.

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